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Chelsea H. Merritt 

 License # 42569

Hello there and welcome! I have been in the field of bodywork and the healing arts since the year 2000. I currently provide CranioSacral Therapy sessions in the realm of bodywork, and Psychological Kinesiology to assist in positive belief change through subconscious

reprogramming, both aiding one to feel more aligned in their mind, body, and spirit. I have felt called to a profession in the healing arts since I was 14 years old, and am so happy to be on this journey of helping others feel aligned, and well.


 I've studied under the Upledger Institute for my CranioSacral training, and continue to broaden my scope of practice with their courses. I find this modality to be immensely healing, and can unwind us to the deepest core of our being, with only 5 grams of pressure, deep listening, and strong intention. Craniosacral therapy can also include a technique called Somatic Emotional Release. Its a Psychosomatic technique that can bring about beautiful transformations and healing, by connecting the body's sensations, and the images or memories that come through our minds simultaneously.


Click            to learn more about Craniosacral therapy.


Reiki sessions are also available.  Reiki is ever present in the treatments I give, but a full Reiki session can bring about a very special and deep relaxation, comfort, connection to source, and profound truths from your soul's highest knowing. 

 In addition to bodywork, and Psych-K, I create hand cut and pasted collages. If you are interested in looking into those, there is a tab on the upper right hand corner that will direct you to my Artist website. 


Flower essences are also made by my hands, alongside the power of the sun, water and beautiful flowers that grace us on the earth. The energetic imprints that the flora offer, gently aid healing and transformations. I will soon be posting more about them, and which flowers I have to share on this site. Stay tuned for that, but feel free to inquire if you are interested in connecting with their subtle, yet profoundly effective medicine.

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