Chelsea H. Merritt 

 License # 42569

Hello there, and welcome! I have been practicing massage therapy since the year 2000, and felt called to this profession by the age of 14. 


My modalities include Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial release work, Reiki, and Deep tissue massage. I tend to blend two or more of these modalities into one therapeutic session, depending on what is being called for to relieve tension; whether it be energetic or physical, and the two are always linked. Mamas-to-be may visit me for pre-natal care as well.


I also provide full Craniosacral sessions. I've studied under the Upledger Institute, and continue to broaden my scope of practice with their courses. I find this modality to be immensely healing, and can unwind us to the deepest core of our being, with only 5 grams of pressure, deep listening, and strong intention.


Click            to learn more about Craniosacral therapy.


Reiki sessions are also available.  Reiki is ever present in the treatments I give, but a full Reiki session can bring about a very special and deep relaxation, comfort, connection to source, and profound truths from your soul's highest knowing. 


I absolutely love my line of work, and feel blessed to be able to practice an art form that brings me a deep sense of purpose, and pleasure by helping others, and being connected to humanity and spirit. I hope to meet you someday soon.